Triage Bob Janes Triage Center

The goal of the Bob Janes Triage Center & Low Demand Shelter is to reduce the number of individuals with a mental illness or substance use disorder who are arrested for low level, non-violent offenses.

During the first two years of operation, the Bob Janes Triage Center has served 684 unduplicated clients and recorded 1062 admissions.  Of the 684 clients, the majority (502) only came to the Center once. The Center services a demographic that is primarily male, White/Caucasian, and between the ages of 41-60. Veterans make up 15% of clients served. 90.6% of the clients entering the Center are considered to be homeless.




The Bob Janes Triage Center is designed to be a pre-arrest diversion program: a voluntary alternative to incarceration and inappropriate emergency room utilization. The Center targets individuals experiencing behavioral health crises that are at risk of being charged with a minor ordinance or non-violent offense. 64% of people admitted to the Triage Center have previously received publicly funded mental health or substance abuse services.

LE Time Spent

89.5 % of law enforcement officers spend five minutes or less bringing an individual to the center and are satisfied to highly satisfied with the process.

Law enforcement may drop off individuals from 2:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Law enforcement officers brought 71.5% of individuals to the Center.  Lee Memorial Health System may refer individuals 24 hours a day after contacting Center staff for clearance. Hospital staff referred 24.5% of individuals to the Center.


Referred By

Exit Status

Within the first two years of operation, the Center has demonstrated a high success rate with 48% of clients exiting the Center into a better situation than when they had entered.


Clients with a successful exit status have fewer encounters with law enforcement, subsequent arrests, and shorter length of incarceration. A cost savings has been demonstrated for clients who have a successful exit from the Triage Center.


The Bob Janes Triage Center & Low Demand Shelter is sponsored by the Florida Department of Children and Families, State of Florida Substance Abuse and Mental Health Corporation, Lee County Board of County Commissioners, Lee Memorial Health System, SalusCare, The Salvation Army, and the United Way of Lee County.